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Enterprise Governance and Business Excellence

Tamayyoz is an integrated platform bi-lingual web solution that enables Enterprise Excellence by modeling various excellence dimensions based on international standards and best practices.

Tamayyoz supports linkages between the elements of business components and thus facilitating cross tracking and compatibility between them (Traceability & Alignment).


Enterprise Governance

Support documentation, linking, design, and analysis of governance components such as strategy, services, processes, policies, organization structure, role & responsibilities, standards, stakeholders, guiding principles, culture and values, risks, and systems using formal knowledge-based models.


Integrated Risk Management

Follow-up on the implementation of risk mitigation plans and the tasks of implementing risk tools.

Build and manage enterprise risk register.

Define and manage risk mitigation plans and controls.

tasks of implementing risk tools

risk mitigation plans

Strategy and Performance

Automate your Strategy and Performance Management Processes including data approvals and change requests cycles

All in one

Combine all strategy and performance components and data from scattered files into one repository and reduce time and cost of generating

Automation and monitoring

Automate and monitor Integrate with external data stores for automatic updates of KPIs and Initiatives

Compliance Management

Quality Management


Project Management Office System

Full Organization Managment.

One Solution.

Implementation of strategic and operational plans and performance management at all levels of the organization

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