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Strategy and Performance Management System

Ahdaf is a Web-based, Bi-Lingual Enterprise Strategy and Performance management system. It supports the design and cascading of strategic and operational plans at all levels of the enterprise in focus, while linking strategy elements to the Organization structure.


Achieving Results

Meeting your targets and dynamic strategy execution starts from your developed plans and comes to life by using Ahdaf solution for continuous monitoring and assessments.

Ahdaf solution supports you along your continuous journey of strategy definitions of your vision, mission, values, results, objectives, KPIs and initiatives with all their properties and cascading across all levels of your organization.

The solution empowers you to monitor performance and analyze and document evaluations and improvement tasks.

Asset 2

Integrating Performance Data

Combine all performance data for KPIs and Initiatives from external systems with solution imported and entered values in one performance repository that becomes a valuable data asset to use for data mining. Analytics, predictions and AI applications

Ahdaf solution integrates with built in Engiz for task management, masarat for automatic data approvals and change management, plus other Tamayyoz platform for GRC, PMOS and Jawda.

Bilingual and Local Support

Auto and Flexible Permissions

Rapid Implementation

Zero Code

Evaluation and Performance Monitoring

Supports Strategy Versioning showing active and previous strategic plans versions and performance based on selected dates. The system supports the following international Strategy Management Frameworks:


Balanced Scorecard

Support job and personnel scorecards to align with the organization’s strategies and provide customized corporate performance reports.

Objectives & Keys Results

Enable analysis of the causes of performance gaps by tracking performance status at multiple levels.

Visualize Strategy Using your adopted Framework

Automate your Strategy and Performance Management Processes

Integrate with external Source Data Systems

Enable Decision Making using Smart Dashboards

Full Organization Managment.

One Solution.

Implementation of strategic and operational plans and performance management at all levels of the organization

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